Triple Chocolate Cake

What is it? Chocolate Fudge Cake, Fudge Frosting, Chocolate Ganache


Cupcake Crawl in the Twin Cities

For flavor the WINNER is.....(drum roll)....Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul, MN.  The cake was moist, the buttercream rich, the flavors sophisticated and the look sweet and simple...this place was definitely the highlight of the day.  

For creativity the WINNER is.....(drum roll) Cupcake on University Ave., located in Minneapolis, MN.  With over 60 varieties (not offered on the same day), their drive to provide something for each guest was appreciated.

For packaging the WINNER is....(drum roll)...Sweet Retreat in Edina, MN.  Nothing, special about their cupcakes. However, I loved their brown boxes.  It was really elegant and made the product look as if it cake out of a boutique style bakery.  I liked the boxes so much that I did and online search and found a company that sells Dark Brown boxes along with other colors.  Their prices are good and delivery was fast.  Check them out and customize your brand: http://www.brpboxshop.com/cake-boxes.html

Monkey Face Cake

What is it? Chocolate Fudge Cake,  Fudge frosting,  Ganache (piped on the bottom border and face), Fondant covered  board,  Runt banana shaped/flavored candies


How to create a FUN  Monkey Face cake
  • 4 cupcakes are needed for ears.  Slice off a 1/4 off the sides. 
  • Stack 2 cupcakes with bottoms touching and add frosting in between to hold together.  Then add frosting on the side that has been sliced and connect to the cake (where ears would go).
  • For the face - find an image online and if necessary photocopy picture to increase/decrease size (should be proportionate to your cake size).
  • Using parchment paper and pencil - trace the features onto parchment and cut out the inside part of face (as shown in picture above).
  • With the pencil side up (so it doesn't touch cake), place parchment on cake and use toothpicks to keep it in place. 
  • Now you can frost the top of cake (going around the parchment).  remove parchment. 
  • Use lighter colored chocolate frosting to fill in center of face and ears
  • To add eyes, nose and mouth...
    • you can add the parchment back on and use a toothpick to perforate the placement  OR
    • use your creative abilities to determine placement and shape and just draw it on (freehand).  
  • Use ganache to outline where features will go, then fill in outline with more ganache.  Use small metal spatula (or smooth end of butter knife) to smooth out the ganache filling. It won't be perfect, but that's okay, practice makes perfect. 

TIP: To add a bit more to the presentation, bring two cake boards together (w/ double stick tape or hot glue in between), cover with foil, then with fondant with the final touch being decorative ribbon (on edge).

    First attempts with Fondant

    What is it? Yellow Cake,Chocolate Mousse, Decorators Icing, Fondant

    I decided to teach myself how to work with Fondant.  So I went ahead and purchased Wilton's Fondant and Gum Paste Student Kit and some tools which weren't include (although there were many).

    Although it wasn't as  hard as I always assumed I felt limited with the decorations that could be added to the cake.  My recommendations are if you're going to work with this medium, make a cake with more layers so it's taller and you have more surface to get creative without overwhelming the cake.

    If you'd like to share any tips with me or tell me about your first experience with this Fondant...leave a comment.