Almond Joy Cake

When it comes to flavor combos some people are mint and chocolate fans (peppermint patties), others are peanut butter and chocolate lovers (Reese's pieces), and then you have those that go ga-ga for the greatest of them all.....coconut and chocolate. Guess which group I belong to?  I love almond joys, coconut Hershey kisses, coconut syrup in my white chocolate mocha, Pepperidge Farm Tahiti cookies and more.  So when tasked with an order for someone who enjoyed the combo as much as I did, I was excited to create something that matched the deliciousness that she and I knew.

Almond Joy Cake: Alternate (4) layers of vanilla and chocolate cake.  In between each layer add Coconut Buttercream.  Cover cake with Chocolate Ganache, completed with sliced almonds and some regular Italian Buttercream on the side.

To make Coconut Buttercream: Make 1 recipe of Italian Buttercream and fold in coconut flakes and 1tsp of coconut syrup or extract.  Simple! Easy! Yummy!

**NOTE: Since there's regular buttercream piped on the sides, be sure to separate some from your mix, prior to adding coconut flakes.

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