Transformers Cake

Before this, I knew very little about Transformers.  Yes I saw the movie with Shia Labeouf; yes I recalled the cartoon theme song; and yes I knew it was about cars that turned into walking, talking robots.  However, beyond that...I was lost.  Therefore, I took to the internet to research toy packaging, cartoon posters and other cakes.  Through that I was able to identify a few key elements, which helped with designing several concepts for a former colleague.

A few tips for you:

1) To acheive silver color on the plaque, try Silver Food Coloring Spray from Chefmaster.  I got it at my local supply store for $9.95.

2) The black foil used to cover the board is what you'll likely find at any supply store. In the past I've used white, purple, silver and gold with no problem.  Unfortunately, I found with black the color rubs off easily.  In some cases (like this) it's fine because you'll end up with a worn & antiqued look. However, in other cases where you want a sleek look, this color may not work since you'll end up with areas where color isn't uniform.

3) For the red color, I used color Red Red from Chefmaster.  It took about 8 drops to get to this color.  Also, I found that as time went on, the color became more vibrant.  So when creating dark and vibrant colors, if you reach something close let it rest for about 5 mins to see if color improvess. 

4) One thing I learned (at the supply store) about this brand of food color is when using it for icing, you should use milk instead of water in your (icing) recipe.

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